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Baby Massage

What are the benefits of Baby Massage?

Baby Massage has a wealth of benefits for you and your baby and provides special bonding time for you both, away from the stresses of the every day routines.  Baby Massage can help to relieve colic, promote better sleep, soothe a fussy baby and help with postnatal depression.  All you need is your baby, a towel and some natural vegetable oil.

What does Top to Toe offer?


The best way get involved is to book one of our Baby Massage courses which are held at Cowper Road on Wednesdays.  Over the course you will learn about:

  • Massage theory and methods
  • Baby development related to massage
  • Relaxation techniques for you
  • Techniques for fussy. colicky and high need babies
  • Massaging the growing child

At the end of the course you and your baby will also get a special certificate – probably the first that your baby will have been awarded!

Cowper Road  5 week course £4O 

Click for a booking form: Cowper Road booking form

Leisure Centre 5 week course £25 

Click for a booking form: Leisure centre booking form

Massage club

Many parents and carers continue to meet and share ideas and time together with their babies at our monthly massage Club.

To reserve a place please call us on 01362 851819.

Individual consultations

If you need some special advice or do not feel ready to take up a class then we also offer individual consultations and home visits.

What does it cost?

Top to Toe  5 week course £4O 

Leisure Centre 5 week course £25

(Each class lasts approximately an hour)

Massage Club per class £5

Home visits from £20


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To book your treatments or get in touch please contact Zoë on:

01362 851819
07710 897498
or email@
Or talk to Zoë on Facebook