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Baby Massage and now Baby Yoga

By Zoe Flint | September 24, 2016

Family time….. So so important for your littlies (whatever their age) but also for you…. Make time for you to recharge your batteries….

By Zoe Flint | August 4, 2016

Jasmine …..

By Zoe Flint | July 30, 2016

Love getting client feedback…. But seeing Jasmine doing her own reflexology… Made my day…

New venue for Baby Massage…. Exciting..

By Zoe Flint | July 21, 2016

Pokemon, feet, swimming, school disco, family and holidays…

By Zoe Flint | July 14, 2016

Oh my word what a busy time, this week I think I’m going to change my job title to “juggler”…. We’re always looking and waiting for something… I’m so looking forward to a family holiday with my brother and his family but I’m also trying to be mindful every minute of every day….. Taking 5…

It’s all very exciting….

By Zoe Flint | July 8, 2016

Hoping to announce next week a new location for classes starting from September….. Bigger classes, more friends to make, cafe and massive car park…. Just waiting for final ok….. In the meantime… This weekend I have the second part of my level one swim teacher training with my assessment on Sunday…. Wish me luck….. Parent…

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