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5 hours 48 minutes ago

Don’t forget my old alarm clock...easy’s summer time

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14 hours 25 minutes ago

Top to Toe Dereham shared Baby and Toddler Classes in Dereham's post.

Time to reflect.

Been a very busy week... The Boy is at the park with his mates 😱. In tray checked for urgent stuff ✅. Early dinner sorted and within the timescales determined by the 🏊‍♂️ gala tonight... so back to reflecting....I asked some Mums in class this week, to use one word to describe/express their time in our classes.....

“Mummy Friends”

There’s always one or two in my case that need more......

“Allowed to be me and us”

And mine.....”heart warming” every individual, every class, every time.....we make memories in our classes.....

Please feel free to add your own one “word” experience from your time with me in class below xx

Join our massage class and start your memories with us.....

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2 days 14 hours ago

Latest availability.....

Tuesday 3rd April 10.30am onwards....

Reflexology or Indian Head Massage

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4 days 7 hours ago

Spaces in baby massage course starting Wednesday 18th April...

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4 days 18 hours ago

First two clients of the day.....and relax...

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5 days 21 hours ago

Last minute appointment tomorrow (Tuesday 20th March) 1pm available. Indian Head Massage or Reflexology.........

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6 days 19 hours ago

Snowy Sunday morning feet.... fabulous chill (get it😜) time xxx

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1 week 22 hours ago

Morning 🙂

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1 week 1 day ago

....two lovely clients this afternoon....Both treating on her birthday and another spending her birthday voucher and using her Spree voucher too (20% off) like my birthday....we have hot radiators....Yay it’s been a while...notice the birthday theme 😋 just need 🍰 happy birthday, I mean weekend everyone 😘


A day in the life of……a therapist/Mum and friend

By Zoe Flint | April 5, 2016

Today started at 6.30am…quick check on house essentials, a plea to eldest daughter to hang the washing out before leaving the house …… First stop Dereham Leisure Centre and Camp Adventure… lad is there for his second day…he was shattered last night after so much fun and there today so I can work…. Then it’s…

Posies at Zoë’s

By Zoe Flint | March 17, 2016

New baby class…..

By Zoe Flint | March 10, 2016

So excited to share this news….. More details to follow ….. Watch out for “Ring a ring a rosies at Zoës”….

Reflexology ……..and relax……

By Zoe Flint | February 9, 2016

Classes update

By Zoe Flint | February 9, 2016

Couple of spaces for baby massage, waiting lists/cancellation lists ….call 01362 851819 for latest position…term starts 24 February….

New date……more classes……

By Zoe Flint | January 26, 2016

Bookings open Thursday 26 January for New term…. Email Zoë or Facebook Top To Toe Dereham

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To book your treatments or get in touch please contact Zoë on:

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